Packaging materials are installed in
Feed products, horizontal forms, fill and seal (Fhope)
Horizontal operation of flow packer
Cover the product with a film. Rear seal
Vertical and rotary blade seal in product
Side lateral simultaneous cutting
Separate packing.
Fhope flow package is suitable for package big
The number of high speed solid products. Chocolates
The candy bar is usually non – Hot packing.
Seal the knife. This cold sealing technique is used
The aluminum foil is precoated with glue, which is forced to close.
We automate the machine! We provide all automated products for horizontal flow packaging, including logic
And a motion or hybrid controller. In addition, we also provide all motors, drives, position sensors, and safety devices.
Temperature sensor and other panel components. All devices are easy to integrate and implement Fhope mark
Quality and reliability.
If you want to develop quickly, you need to do a test and make sure everything is safe.
What Fhope can prove. SYSMAC studio
A software to control and configure the whole
Give you a single connection machine
The power and efficiency of development and creation
Never before.
In the form, filling and sealing the machine is the key to the creation.
Every time is a perfect seal.
Start. This is the solution to OMRON SYSMAC
Integrated temperature control and sealed jaw
Pressure and time.
Improvement of performance and prolongation of engineering time
Reduced when using a function block (FB) OMRON
Used for forming, filling and sealing machines.
Like a revolving knife FB and a direct power supply.

自动包装线水平缠绕机 设备供应商为您提供自动化设备和方案。