The packing machine also includes a tensioning wheel for adjusting the tensioning degree of the driving belt. A horizontal winding packer implemented according to the utility model has the following advantages:
1, through driving the belt directly to drive the packaging ring to rotate, the energy consumption is reduced to the lowest and the driving efficiency is high.
2, as a result of reducing the drive link and driving loss, the effect of reducing operation noise can be achieved. Illustrating the drawings
The attached figure 1 is the main view of the utility model; the attached figure 2 is the left view of the utility model; the appending Figure 3 is a local magnifying view of the attached figure 2.
Among them, 1, packing ring, 2, vertical plate, 3, fixed wheel, 4, driving belt, 5, driving wheel, 6, slot, 7, location slot, 8, tension wheel, 9, packing hole, 10, packing device, 11 and outer frame, 11 and ball.
The specific implementation mode is illustrated with the accompanying drawings in detail. As shown in Figures 1 and 2, the horizontal winding packaging machine in the embodiment includes outer frame 11.
A vertical plate 2 with a packing hole 9 is set up.
The packing ring 1 is arranged on one side of the vertical plate 2 and surrounds the packaging hole 9, the IO fixed wheel 3 is evenly distributed around the packing ring 1, and the driving belt 4 surrounding and driving the packing ring 1 is 4.
The driving wheel 5 drives the belt 4 under the action of the motor, and the motor is located on the other side of the vertical plate 2, which is not shown in the diagram;
The packing device 10 is fixed on the package ring L.
Among the above parts, the axis of the packing ring L, the fixed wheel 3 and the driving wheel 5 is parallel to each other, and is perpendicular to the vertical plate 2.
The packing ring 1 is suspended from the vertical plate 2 under the support of the fixed wheel 3. As shown in Figure 3, on the outside surface of the packaging ring, there is a ring groove 6 with concentric ring 1, and the driving belt 4 is located in the slot 6, and the packing ring 1 is tightly wrapped, which directly drives it to rotate around its own axis.
The 3 of the fixed wheel is set on the vertical plate 2 by the way of rotating the axis within the inner axis. On the side surface of the fixed wheel 3, a ring positioning slot 7 concentric with the fixed wheel 3 is opened. The edge part of the packing ring 1 is positioned in the positioning slot 7, and is connected with the fixed wheel 3, and is supported by the fixed wheel 3. Therefore, in the drive of the rotation of the packaging ring L, the fixed wheel 3 turns around its own axis. Through a number of ball 12, the rotation is more smooth.
A tensioning wheel is arranged near the drive wheel 5. By adjusting the tension wheel angle can be adjusted 4 drive belt tensioning degree, make the driving process more stable and higher efficiency.