fhopepack orbital wrapper

What are the different styles of automation?

Automatic horizontal wrapping machine mechanical classification is divided into two kinds: one is floor automation, the other is transportation automation.

What is floor automation: the main use of these models is for warehouse applications, and the products need to be transferred from the warehouse to the transportation process. Moreover, they can be economic substitutes, which are economic alternatives to fully automatic transmission lines. Fpc1: the main purpose of these units is to transport the end of the production line. There are more than 40 pallets that are produced by some production lines, and the steps that don’t need to be done are often operated on the machine. The location of the wrapper is above the conveyor belt, or there is a built-in position on the conveyor belt.

H2: what is the reason for choosing horizontal wrapping machine?

Fpc3 is a multifunctional packaging product that can be used for pallets of various shapes, sizes and weights. It is made from linear low-density polyethylene resin. In the 1970s, fpb3 revolutionized packaging, giving it more advantages, simpler and more secure than it used to be.

Here are some benefits:

The first. Consistency: the consistent and relatively high maintenance of fpc3 horizontal wrapping machine is applicable to load. In the second. Protection: the protection of the load from dust and damage is also achieved by fpc3. In the third. Major: a professional tray will be produced by fpc3 horizontal wrapping machine, and the customer and shipper will be allowed to quickly identify the products included. In the fourth. Economy: in terms of cost, this is a unified method of cost-effectiveness. The fifth. Adaptive: fpc3 can achieve a variety of product types by changing the membrane force and tensile strength, such as a variety of product types from the light brittle load to the heavy brick tray.