The horizontal rail drawing machine is designed for the straight object. It has achieved successful results in the special-shaped products, pipe, plate and other industries. The horizontal machine is used for the packaging of steel tubes, aluminum profile packaging, door and window packaging, bar packing, panel packaging, etc.
This is a equipment with high speed and efficiency for your packaging.
Solution。 The Fhope of the horizontal track packing machine is fully designed and manufactured in a number of manufacturing sites. In the market launch of the company’s authoritative scientific knowledge package, moving things: complementarity, opportunity management contract to complete a series of adding functional superposition, handling, packaging, packing, packaging and product quality ability of the proposed project in any way the speed of generation finally praise options.
1. Protect the packing and eliminate the damage.
The use of horizontal track tensile packaging machine and ring type packaging machine is suitable for the drawing and packaging requirements of LLDPE tensile film. Once the stretch film is wrapped around the package, it contracts and seals like a rubber band to keep it compressed and wrapped together. It avoids the damage to the colored and high polished surface, thus ensuring the goods during the transition process. Avoid the requirements of staggered buffer material.
2, material and reduce the cost of packaging.
The horizontal track tensile packaging function eliminates the heavy and expensive packaging materials such as foam, adhesive tape, shrinkage packing, paper woven belt, line, polyester belt and so on. The packing speed is fast, the time and the manpower cost are saved. The above cost is reduced as far as possible.
3 uniteze length package is available.
Horizontal rail stretch packer is the ideal long object such as unified pipe, pipe, profile, plate, door, window, board, strip, wood density board, density board, textile volume. It is not restricted by one or more layers of tensile film or other packaging materials. The over packing rate can be adjusted according to the different width. The packing has the functions of dustproof, moisture proof and damage prevention.