The horizontal wrapping machine is suitable for packing long products such as PVC, aluminum profiles, wood slices and other sorting rules. The elasticity of the film is tightly combined with a variety of products to prevent damage caused by vibration during transportation.
Technical performance
The diameter of the channel is 620 millimeters
Belt drive revolving device
Programmable controller control packaging cycle
Automatic spiral winding machine
Mechanical adjustable clutch of valve core holder and gear roller
Hook / cut pneumatic device
A product that detects the start and stop of the packaging cycle.
Rotating speed of variable frequency speed regulating ring wheel
Frequency converter speed regulating conveyor
Feed and feed power conveyer length 660 millimeter, width 400 millimeter
Manual high speed conveyer
Feed and feed, manual sideguides
Feeding and discharging of vertical air pressure device of free roll
8 schemes with different banded n degrees
Barometric pressure in exercise: 6/7 Ba
Compressed air consumption: 10 EU / min
Power supply voltage: 220V 50 Hz single phase; require 400V 3Ph 50 / 60 Hertz
Installation Power: 11 kw
Machine weight: 400/550 kilos
We specialize in producing the high efficiency horizontal packing machine which meets the ISO 9002 certification quality standard. Our horizontal packaging machine is widely used in the packaging of various solid products, such as candy, chocolate, ice cream, bread, biscuits, syringes, cakes, instant noodles, soap, bottles, stationery, disposable syringes, mechanical parts and so on. The horizontal packing machine is equipped with a neat pipe end sealer to obtain a solid and orderly seam. Rotary brushes, row brushes, date printers and plug – in machines provide customized packaging options. The special functions of our horizontal packer include: